About Mr. Dark

Mr. Justin Dark co-host and producer of Brainwaves Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio    Mr. Dark (Co-Host and Producer, Brainwaves)

 Mr Dark: An enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a low-card spinach wrap.  Dark handles the news and sometimes more during the first hour.  Occasionally, he’ll sit in on guest interviews or sub for Joey if he’s too stoned to speak.  He frequently calls in from strange locations, as far as you know.  Dark is also the show producer helping book and schedule guests.  He’s behind some of the music used for the show, and plans to write more once his gear has been updated to make tunes he’s not embarrassed to play for others. He’s also written for Dread Central since before the beginning, and currently writes The Gasp Menagerie paranormal column for the site.

Mrs. Dark: Jenn is Dark’s wife, and has become a bit of a fixture on the show.  She sometimes overhears something said during the show that gets her dander up and comes storming into the recording area of their apartment, profanity flying.  It’s quickly become one of the favorite random events on the show, and she’s responsible for such gems as “I’ll staple your balls to a building, Steve,” and of course “Gorilla Dick has his own problems!”  She also helps out with the social media promotions for the show and sometimes makes photos nifty with her decorations, such as the infamous 2017 Christmas photos.