All-New Unsolved Mysteries Docuseries Announced by Netflix with Original Creators

In case you’re wondering how Netflix plans to use some of the money it’ll be making from its newly increased subscription prices, this bit of news that the streaming service revealed recently should go a long way toward easing your concerns, especially if you’re as big a fan of the paranormal as we are!

The wildly successful and first-of-its-kind mystery docuseries “Unsolved Mysteries” is being revived by the original creators (Cosgrove/Meurer Productions) along with the producers of “Stranger Things” (21 Laps).  This modern take on the classic true crime/paranormal investigation series will maintain the chilling feeling viewers loved about the original, while also telling the stories through the lens of a premium Netflix documentary series.  Each of the 12 episodes will focus on one mystery and once again will look to viewers to help aid investigators in closing the book on long outstanding cases.

Terry Dunn Meurer is showrunning this all-new version of the show she co-created with fellow EP John Cosgrove.  Shawn Levy and Josh Barry are executive producing for 21 Laps.

The original “Unsolved Mysteries” ran for a total of 11 seasons and 260 episodes, chronicling over 1,000 stories, and received 6 Emmy nominations.  It was most memorably narrated by Robert Stack during the show’s 9 seasons on NBC; Virginia Madsen and Dennis Farina also served as hosts in various other seasons. We’ll keep our eyes open for the announcement of who will helm Netflix’s version… any suggestions?

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