American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice (Movie Review)

Starring Roberto Scorza, Flora Giannattasio

Directed by Poison Rouge

One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that this cat loves a film with some concretely-based direction, a solid ensemble cast that can deliver lines with conviction, and a story that makes me want to somehow teleport inside that world to have a better look around – on the flip side of that coin, I at times prefer a nice bout of mutilation and destruction of one’s self…someone please tell me I’m not the only one, correct?

Continuing the very sadistically entertaining franchise known as the American Guinea Pig series hasn’t been an easy one, I would guess – there’s been more than enough wince-inducing, stomach-churning moments to speak of, and more than one meal has been chucked in the trash as a result, but this latest installment, Sacrifice brings a new element of pain to the viewer, and it’s strictly internal and oh so utterly damaging. Directed by Poison Rouge (gotta love the moniker), this presentation of depravity is essentially a one-man-act, with Roberto Scorza playing a man named Daniel who is mentally shredded as a result of his father’s passing and other untapped psychological issues. His only surrogate to a stay in the looney bin is to lock himself in the bathroom of his childhood home and basically torture the ever-lovin’ shit out of himself for the duration of the film. The visuals in this one are tough to endure, as Daniel employs a gaggle of implements to take his consciousness to that of a higher level, and possibly to appease the Goddess Ishtar (Giannattasio)…gettin’ confused yet?

The story in of itself is easy to follow, and ultimately saddening that the human mind can spiral towards self-abuse on such a horrific level, but Rouge showcases it in such a way that you cannot turn away (at least for some odd reason I couldn’t), and you sit in bewildered absorption of this man’s actions. Gore, as you’d expect is front and center here, and the act of slamming a screwdriver underneath a big toenail had me wishing my double-cheeseburger hadn’t hit rock bottom before the viewing…and don’t EVEN get me started on the genital torture – WHOA. Look, this movie certainly won’t appeal to the masses, but for fans of this skull-pounding full-frontal assault on your gastrointestinal fortitude, it’ll be a slam-dunk, no doubt. With this having been her first endeavor into directorial waters, Rouge offers no apologies with the front-row parade of grisly happenings, and we as gorehounds should bow down at her feet for offering this one up. I for one am excited to see what she’s got coming up next, and if it’s a fraction as brutal as this presentation, it’ll be a sight to behold…just hold off on the dinner menu until afterward, if only to be safe.

American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice (2018)
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