American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon (Home Video Review)

Starring Jessica Cameron, Jim Vanbebber, Gene Palubicki

Directed by Stephen Biro

Distributed by MVD Visual

Alrighty, sprouts – let’s get this little bit of a disclaimer out of the way right off the bat before we jump grill-first into this presentation of plasma-rich payouts, projectile pukin’, priest-persecutin’ and a plethora of holy-rollin’ gone horribly awry. If you’re a bit on the squeamish-side and prefer your (ahem) “horror” more along the teenybopper MTV guidelines (see Happy Death Day, Slender Man, and Truth or Dare), then you’d be much better off skipping this one and leaving the gory stuff to the viscera aficionados who will truly appreciate it for the colossal biohazard bag it should be presented in. Trust me… this movie is so vivaciously viscous, it leaks.

Directed by Stephen Biro, American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon has caused some critics to proclaim that it rivals another little possession flick way back in the year of my birth, The Exorcist – well, I’m not going to say that SOS will be mentioned in the same context of that Linda Blair crucifix-inserting tribute to the wonders of the Catholic church, but the visuals inside this one will be something that will leave a time-stamp on your peepers for some time to come. If you’re familiar at all with not only the American series but the Japanese ones as well, you’ll have correctly prepared yourself for the ocular horrors that are sandwiched within, and the premise to this go-round is quite easy to follow along with. A woman named Mary, played by the stunning scream-queen Jessica Cameron, has become possessed by a rather nasty satanic soul; and it’s up to a team of clerics to come in, SWAT-style, and attempt to drive the demons out of this poor little lady. Yep, been there, tried that, and as history would have it, these former altar-boys should have known better than go messin’ with Ol’ Beelzebub himself.

We as gorehounds are treated to a laundry-list of slices and dices, and the blood and other bodily fluids that are on display would make any specimen-collector jump for joy, and while I’m sure you all can concoct some pretty demented scenarios in your own minds, I”m going to keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum on this one…however one scene for me has NOT left my gray matter a full two-weeks after the initial viewing, and it involves a “slight” bit of regurgitation and self clean-up duty…WOW. The movie doesn’t rely much on conveying a story as it does trying to make you lose your lunch at multiple avenues, and Biro’s style of direction is in-your-face, sadistic and graphic to the core…Hi! – have you met the Guinea Pig series before?? I was lucky enough to snag the 3-disc version (Blu, DVD and soundtrack), but while I have not checked out anything other than the Blu version as of writing this, I’ll stick with the audio and video specs. With its 1080p transfer and sharper-than-sharp clarity, you’ll almost feel the need to bust out the turpentine and hand sanitizer to mop up after the liquids get to spillin’. Soundwise, the audio is quite discernible, although some of Cameron’s demonic utterings came off a bit muffled – anyways, not a minus by any stretch and I found myself adjusting the volume on my soundbar more than once to try and keep the dialogue towards the forefront.

There’s a handful of nice special features (which are listed below), and overall the film really looks fantastic on Blu-format, and as I rambled on about previously, if you come looking for a solidly placed plot and dynamic character formation, replete with effectual confabulation between personalities, please step to the side, because there’s a line behind you that just wants to see some priests get fucked up six ways from Sunday.  Give this one a look if you don’t have anything to do after Catechism class this weekend.

Special Features:

  • Commentary with Stephen Biro and Jessica Cameron
  • Commentary with Stephen Biro, Marcus Kochm and Jerami Cruise
  • Interview with Actress Jessica Cameron
  • Interview with Actor Gene Palubicki
  • Interview with Actor David McMahon
  • Interview with Writer/Director Stephen Biro
  • Interview with Special Effects Artist Marcus Koch
  • Interview with Cinematographer Chris Hilleke
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Outtakes
  • Photo Gallery
  • CD Soundtrack

American Guinea Pig: The Song Of Solomon (2018)
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