Beyond the Sky (Movie Review)

Starring Ryan Carnes, Jordan Hinson, Claude Duhamel

Directed by Fulvio Sestito

With the never-ending litany of questions that can be asked about aliens and their potential existence in the universe, what more could a motion picture add to said Q&A that could be deemed as fresh, ground-breaking and revolutionary in its presentation? Well, your guess would be as good as mine (even better, I’m sure) – but according to director Fulvio Vestito’s latest pic, Beyond the Sky, anything is possible once those not-so-little green men beam down here on Earth – let’s climb aboard this craft and push some lighted buttons, okay?

Starring Ryan Carnes as a documentarian named Chris who is setting out to (hopefully) expose the supposed B.S. around alien abductions and all of the stigma surrounding it. His belief is that these horrific tales of otherworldly appropriation are merely memories supplanting one another – the fakies takin’ the place of the baddies if you will. So along with his faithful cameraman (Duhamel) in tow, the duo head off to (where else) – Roswell, New Mexico to get to the heart of the issues at hand, and once there they come across a conference of sorts for those who believe they too, have been the victims of abductions in the past. Chris’s path crosses with the cute-as-a-button Emily (Hinson) who states that every seven years on her birthday, she’s snatched up by those interstellar travelers and given the once over, in and out. Since this sounds too good to pass up for his documentary (and the fact that he’s got googly-eyes for her), Chris draws her in closer to his own feelings, which might just be changing in light of all these new developments…which developments, you ask? Come on, I’m going to miss a shot or two but I’m not going to throw the whole game for ya – watch the movie if you want to know the deets!

The film is jammed full of creepy moments, tense theatrics and an overlying sense of gloom and doom, which sets the story up nicely, and if it’s a glimpse of those extraterrestrial explorers that you’re hoping to sneak a peek at, they’ll get their screen-time as well.

Toss in a couple of criminally-short cameos from Dee Wallace and Peter Stormare and you’ve got a nicely wrapped feature that should only allow for more questions to be asked about aliens and the possibility that we’re being studied and scooped up all in the name of research…if that truly is what you want to call it.

If you’ve ever been on the fence regarding this particular topic, after viewing Beyond the Sky you’ll most assuredly be concretely grounded in your standpoint after this one’s wrapped up – give it a watch when it rolls into your solar system.

Beyond The Sky (2018)
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