Blessed Are The Children (Home Video Review)

Starring Kaley Ball, Keni Bounds, Arian Thigpen

Directed by Chris Moore

Distributed by Wild Eye Releasing

Abortion is a hot-button issue that is sure to leave many debaters bruised and battered, let alone the people actually going through with it and having to make such a tough decision, but that’s an issue NOT for this site. However, when a twisted mind comes up with a presentation that takes said hot-button issue and tweaks it to involve a few demented spins, then you know we here at Brainwaves have got to jump on in while the flames are hot.

Directed by Chris Moore, Blessed Are the Children is a film that looks at the situation of Traci (Ball), who, after a rather nasty break-up with her ex, finds herself knocked up and not only behind the firing line from her nastier-than-nasty mother but also dealing with a creepy set of protesters at the clinic where she’s debating terminating the pregnancy… needless to say, this gal’s got some problems! Not until after Traci’s visit to the clinic do some very bizarre instances begin to surround her, and Moore uses a blend of chilling visuals and snarky humor to deliver this little bundle of joy to the masses.

The film unfortunately has its share of missteps, such as a bit of an issue with some uneven sounds – at times it sounds like the microphone was left in someone’s pocket for a dialogue stretch, then BAM! We’re blown out the back wall with a decibel-shaking protrusion of noise that could bust an eardrum. Also, there appeared to be some clunky deliverance of some actors’ lines, and while it could air on the side of authenticity, it shouldn’t have had a place in this presentation. However, the direction did produce some fairly creepy moments and I’ll give it up to any guy sitting in the big chair that wants to tackle a subject as sticky as this one and turn it into something truly terrifying – just remember folks, it’s only a movie!

At the end of it all, I’d definitely recommend Blessed Are The Children for those who would like an example on how to get some fantastic practical effects done on film all the while using a miniscule budget – give this one a peek when it crosses your path.

Blessed Are The Children
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