Blood Child (Movie Review)

Starring Alyx Melone, Cynthia Lee Macquarrie, Charlotte Cattell

Directed by Jennifer Phillips

The sadness attributed to the loss of a child can bring about some seriously skewed thinking, which is certainly understandable, but the actions of a grieving mother in Jennifer Phillips’ Blood Child will leave some people scratching their brain-buckets both before and after all is said and done.

Supposedly raked from a true story (doesn’t it always sound more interesting when it’s put that way), with the “names and locations” having been changed, we follow a young married couple in Singapore – Ashley (Melone) and her hubby Bill (Biden Hall) and the unfortunate after-effects of a miscarriage that has rocked their once-hopeful new family to the core. After the heartbreak, the couple decides to pack up and move back to their old town in Minnesota with their Indonesian housemaid, Siti (MacQuarrie) in tow, and while Bill isn’t all that enthused about a third wheel following them back to the states, he’s really going to be pissed when he finds about what Siti and his wife have been concocting behind closed doors. You see, at the height of her grief, Ashley pleaded with Siti to use her skills of magic to bind the ghost of her dead child to her, in the hopes that she’ll be reunited with her once again. Well, stork-watchers, as fate would have it, a short time later we find out the news that Ashley has been knocked up again…anyone wanna utter a guess where this one is heading?

As only the horror-world would have it, as time rolls on we see the effects of Ashley’s once-departed child taking out her frustrations due to Mommy’s new “bun in the oven” and it’s safe to say that if you couldn’t have spotted this one a mile away, then perhaps a trip to your optometrist is in order. While the premise could be looked at as a bit formulaic and dull, it’s the interaction between all the characters that helps this one move along – you can feel the contentious waves between husband and wife, husband and maid…ah hell, at times it seemed like Bill had a problem with everyone in his sightline. There’s quite an interesting “between the lines” relationship amid the Ashley-Siti pairing, and it does beg the chance to stick through this film to get to the bottom of it – overall this is mid-level horror/chiller material that should make some fans happy, although having to wade through an ocean of personal despair to get there might be too much of a swim for others.

Blood Child (2018)
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