Bonehill Road (Movie Review)

Starring Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas Plumberg, Millie Milan

Directed by Todd Sheets

Hey – lemme ask you all a few questions – do you like werewolves? Do you like authentic, non-cgi looking werewolves? Are you willing to bypass some fairly horrible dialogue and plot pathways all for the sake of some mindless horror entertainment? If you answered yes to one or more of the previous questions then allow me to present to you some lycanthropic-goodness that will more than likely put a spring into your late-night viewing – let’s all take a stroll down Bonehill Road.

Directed by Todd Sheets (Dreaming Purple Neon and the upcoming Clownado), the film in my utterly useless opinion is a winner simply because of the amount of work that went into it without a titanic allocation of greenbacks. Does the movie have its share of issues? Of course it does, but if you’re willing to shove all the negative shit to the back seat, you’ll surely have a good time with this one, I promise. Following a mother-daughter duo (DeGeer & Plumberg) whose chance at a new life after escaping a scumbag husband/father is cut rather short when they run up against a hungry pack of furries (no, not THOSE furries). Toss into the mix one of the creepiest bastards to ever surface on film in quite a long time (Douglas Epps) acting as the ladies’ captor and a nice cameo from a legendary scream-queen, Linnea Quigley, the movie quickly regains the top hand in the never-ending pros/cons struggle for supremacy.

Of course, no Sheets production would be complete without a little crimson and intestines being flung around the set, and this one will surely have the gorehounds baying at the moon in appreciation. As I mentioned earlier, one of the glowing negatives here is the dialogue and its delivery, with actors at times spitting lines like they were just reading them for the first time, which gives off an aura of clunkiness. However, once the scares (and the hairy wolves) come busting through the doors, all is quickly forgiven and we’re back in the driver’s seat of this intoxicatingly fun shamble down the creature-feature highway. Overall, if you want a great way to spend a late Saturday night in front of the TV, looking for that throwback monster-movie fix, chuck up the middle fingers at that high-priced, computer-enhanced Hollywood bullshit and take a spin down Bonehill Road…just pray you make it back, cause I hear there’s some wolves down yonder.

Bonehill Road (2018)
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  1. Thank you so much for watching our film! We’re glad you had a good time. You’re right, making a monster movie for under $14,000 was NUTS. But we did it, and we’re very proud of our four werewolf suits… even had some heads made in England by GDS Effects. It was incredibly difficult, such a mountain to climb, but poeple enjoying the film makes it all worth it!

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