Cargo (Movie Review)

Starring Ron Thompson, Jose Rosette, Corbin Timbrook

Directed by James Dylan

We’ve all come across that one person in our lives that we’d love to stuff in a trunk and simply wait for time to pass, haven’t we? If you’re denyin’ then you’re lyin! In James Dylan’s breathless thriller [Cargo], we see the actions of a man who might or might not have deserved to be in the spot he was placed in – the beauty here is that everything will play out in front of our virginal eyes (sarcasm), and the results may surprise you.

Anthony Peterson (Thompson) is the kind of guy you’d like to slug directly in the temple with a balled-up fist: a real weasel who’s lied, cheated and stole in order to build his fortune. Hell, the guy even kicked his wife to the curb when she became debilitated – how’s that for a big heart, huh? In any event, the corporate douche has found himself locked inside of a storage container and when his phone rings the demand is simple – 10 million bucks in 24 hours or both he and his wife get the ax. Through the several phone calls that Anthony makes, we find out that not only his he a first-class shitbag but the people that he relies upon aren’t of much more strong moral fiber than he is. So here is Mr. Moneybags sweating away in this blacked-out shipping container and he’s got virtually no choice but to abide by the rules – don’t call the police and make sure the dough’s in the correct bank account – seems like an easy way out, doesn’t it? The crate itself acts as its own entity, and after a while, it becomes the only part of the film that can be used as a positive in any direction.

Also, I’m not exactly pleased with the overly crappy reception that I get on my cell from time to time, yet it appears that even while tucked away in this darkened shipping cube, Mr. Peterson receives only the best of reception – just a little technical glitch within that I’d like to take issue with – nothing else to see here. Another problem that hung on my neck like a hot boil in this movie was the question of: were we as an audience supposed to be hopin’ and prayin’ for a safe resolution to this guy’s dilemma? I mean, the man plays off like a complete douchebag, and I personally couldn’t have cared if he had wasted away in the pseudo-sarcophagus…maybe a single mom who was desperately trying to save herself for the life of her young child would’ve worked better, or are we all that demented that we need to see the evil get their eventual comeuppance? Any way you slice it, it acted as a large detraction for this hombre, and combined with the lackluster performances and flatlined tempo, [Cargo] is one of those films that makes me long for the days of hiding out in one of those gigantic cardboard refrigerator boxes…at least that had a simple mode of escape – trust me, take a pass on this one.

Cargo (2018)
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