Cherokee Creek (Movie Review)

Starring Billy Blair, Todd Jenkins, Justin Armstrong, Jeff Swearingen

Directed by Todd Jenkins

Where to begin?

The latest sliver of Sasquatchploitation, Cherokee Creek, has been causing a bit of a stir recently because it was pulled from its Amazon release for being “too offensive.” Of course, this piqued my interest so I secured a copy to give you cats the skinny. Is it really too offensive? Or have we just become so sensitive of a society that the big A wasn’t willing to take any chances? At the end of the day who could blame them? Here’s the thing: Cherokee Creek is just as much of a comedy as it is a horror flick. But it is a sex comedy the likes of which would feel right at home with fare such as Porky’s, Hardbodies, Hot Dog: The Movie, or Screwballs.

Notice something about all of the abovementioned titles? They’re from the 80s, and back then it was a different time, which brings me to my next point… comedy is NOT evergreen. Society changes, and everything changes with it. Let’s go back even further to the 70s… you could NEVER do a show like “All in the Family” or “Sanford and Son” in this day and age. Hell, I’m surprised that they’re even still shown in syndication. At the same time we can go back further than that as even stuff like “The Carol Burnett Show” and “The Honeymooners” had moments in them that could be considered offensive to some. That’s just the way it is. For better or for worse. But I’m not here to judge values – just to give you the lowdown on horror flicks – so let’s proceed!

Cherokee Creek focuses on Pat (Justin Armstrong), a wound seriously tight groom-to-be and his group of friends – including director Jenkins as Jinx and character actor Billy Blair as action star Vinny Blades. After a series of misadventures our trio and their buddies end up at the film’s namesake location for a bachelor party that includes strippers, nudity, plenty of dirty humor, dick jokes, gross-out gags, etc. The one thing NO ONE expected? A rampaging Bigfoot with a severe distaste for the scent of male ejaculate, poop, and urine.

Yep, this is low-brow humor, kids; and it’s in abundance. If that’s your thing, this is one trip into the woods that you’ll relish taking. Everyone else? Save yourself the headache and the outrage. There’s something in Cherokee Creek to offend everyone from lewd acts to straight-up full frontal dick swinging. That is without question Jenkins’ intention, and he does a great job delivering the foul humor and the goofy gory violence he obviously grew up loving. This film plays like a passion project, and it shows in every frame. It’s an offensive dirty joke with a Bigfoot punchline.

Is Cherokee Creek that offensive? Yes. Even by 80s sex comedy standards, there are some extreme moments. Is Cherokee Creek a great movie? A good movie? Hell, is it even a movie? That’s strictly up to the viewer. Me? I had a good time with it. Then again… it takes A LOT to offend me. The creature was cool looking, the gore – all practical – was fun, and the humor hit more than it missed.

Yet, all is NOT well.

The main problem with Cherokee Creek is one that plagues a lot of indie features whose director also serves as editor… at nearly two hours the experience goes on for far too long. There are plenty of great moments of banter that would have made killer deleted scenes, but in the final product their inclusion hurts the movie’s pacing in a big way. This is junk food, man. It plays like it’s proud to be junk food. But its run time feels as if it is more suited for a four-course meal at a fancy restaurant. In this age of A.D.D. I’m not sure how many people will even make it to the film’s finer moments in one sitting, and that’s a shame. There are some other issues like uneven acting and choppy editing, etc., but that’s pretty much par for the course of lower budget efforts like this so there’s no reason to harp on shit like that. You know from the artwork and the trailer just what you’re in for, and it delivers on exactly what it sets out to do.

Jenkins is a talented cat, and I look forward to whatever he… umm… cranks out next. Hide the kids, and just have fun.

Cherokee Creek (2018)
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