De Palma’s Sisters Starring Margot Kidder 4K Restoration Opens This October

This October the Quad presents a revelatory new restoration of Brian De Palma’s Hitchcockian thriller Sisters starring Margot Kidder and Lisle Wilson. De Palma, who scripted the twisted thriller with Louisa Rose, re-directed his cinematic trajectory from countercultural comedies to suspenseful horror.

Acknowledging a debt to Hitchcock, De Palma doubled down on his own obsessions, including scenarios that are not what they seem; nightmarish sequences that may not be dreams for the characters; and tableaux of impending mayhem in split-screen. One of the finest and fiercest showcases for Kidder and for signature De Palma performer William Finley, Sisters is a Janus Films release.

The 4K restoration courtesy of the Criterion Collection and approved by De Palma opens October 12th.

Margot Kidder and Lisle Wilson spend the night at her Staten Island apartment, and the morning after yields a bloodcurdling murder to which reporter neighbor Jennifer Salt is the only witness. By the time detective Dolph Sweet arrives at the crime scene, there is nobody—but an even more disturbing mystery unfurls…

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