Distortion! (Short Film Review)

Starring Tania Kalume, Felix Cordier, Maxime Jallerat

Directed by Gregory Papinutto

There should be some kind of a warning when it comes to partying with your pals in an unknown location, all set up by a guy who you’d think could be trusted…but an abandoned convent? COME ON, MAN – you’re setting them up for slaughter!!

Directed by Gregory Papinutto, this short film is titled Distortion!, and at the risk of sounding too terribly morose: don’t get too attached to the cast in this one, as they’ll soon be swimming in the deep end of the crimson swimming pool before long, and don’t even think about whining about “spoilers” and such – what did you come here for, a friggin’ birthday party where everyone goes home happy?

This sub-15-minute dive into depravity focuses on a septet of pals who are just looking for a place to settle in for the night and get wrecked – ah, when these simple plans go horrifically awry, the less-sympathetic soul such as myself grins from ear to ear, Cheshire-Cat style. So here we’ve got the aforementioned seven buds, and they’re allowed to fiesta the night away at a darkened nunnery if you will, all provided by a man who works there as a night watchman…so much for job security, eh? As the bash begins to take form, there’s booze and pharmaceuticals aplenty to enhance the evening, but when the dark completely takes over, this group is in for a nightmare that no amount of stimulants can relieve.

Papinutto uses the lack of light to bring forth the terror in ample doses, and let’s just say that this is the kind of soiree that I’d take a hard pass on, and what really works for this abbreviated presentation is the notion of deception – are these terrifying instances actually occurring, or are these drugs really THAT good? Any way you slice it, this little quickie has got the goods to provide a whole lotta entertainment in one small package, and has had more than 11 film selections in festivals all over the globe. If you’ve got the time to hunt this one down, I’ll recommend it for sure, and keep your eyes peeled for the final scene – it’s a scream!!

Distortion (Short Film)
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