Exclusive: Never-Before-Seen Images from the Grave’s End Haunting

I make no bones about it… the Grave’s End haunting is one of the single most chilling and compelling paranormal cases we’ve ever delved into – not only just around here but ever. Elaine Mercado’s story of moving into a home that already had occupants no one could have prepared for is just mind-blowing.

Recently we had Elaine’s daughter, Karin Fazio Littlefield, on the show to talk about her own experiences in the home publicly for the first time. The interview was incredible, and you can listen to both her story and Elaine’s below.

As a bonus Karin sent along two never-before-seen images. One is of the home, and the other is of a strange anomaly that was captured on camera during a psychic’s investigation of the haunting.

Listen to Elaine Mercado’s interview here.

Listen to Karin Fazio Littlefield’s interview here.

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