Fighting the Sky (Movie Review)

Starring Angela Cole, Roger Conners, Jinette Faraj

Directed by Conrad Faraj

Those pesky otherworldly beings – whether they come from Mars or beyond, their allure and mystique sometimes come secondhand to their ultimate objective – world domination. We as the human race have this odd fixation with the little green men, at times confusing intrigue with a much bigger direction, and that is self-preservation and our own safety as a civilization. In director Conrad Faraj’s UFO-laden film Fighting the Sky, those alien actualities are dropping in for a “visit”, and the masses stare blindly into the sky – mass extinction imminent.

Semi-newcomer Angela Cole (keep an eye on this stunning talent) stars as Lorraine, a pseudo-investigator who, after a year-long hiatus from her team of sleuths, comes back home at their request to assist them in a rather disturbing series of events. Strange sounds have infiltrated the skies above, and our amateurish band of wannabe analysts head out into open fields with their tools in the air, ready to collect some data.

If it were not for the dozen or so “returnees” from the year 2076 who claim to have been dropped back off into our atmosphere, you could chalk this whole thing up to hysterical frenzy…BUT NOW!!! Alongside our crack alien busters we’re focused on a couple of young sisters (Jinette and Judith Faraj) who are heading up their own investigation, and at times it appears that they’ve got their shit together more than the group of friends.

The film uses ample supplies of both CGI and practical FX (I’m not even going to mention the CGI…WHOA), and I’ll honestly admit that the first time my eyes hit one of the aliens in their creature suits, I was ready to check out. Unbeknownst to me, my inner glutton soldiered on for the remainder of the film and I was moderately impressed by what I’d seen. Look, it’s not the most polished presentation to speak of, but Cole’s performance alone is worth the price of admission – she should be on the radar for some time to come; and trust me… this won’t be the last project you’ll see her starring in.

In the end of all things and at the close of the credits, there was just enough flash and bang to keep you watching Fighting the Sky in its entirety (pretty damned effective conclusion, to boot). Keep your eyes to the blue upstairs; and if you see something, say something…especially if it’s hovering over your hometown, ready to strike.

Fighting the Sky (2019)
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