First Look at Kane Hodder in Knifecorp

The legendary Kane Hodder is back with a new horror flick filming now in L.A. entitled Knifecorp, and we have your first look right here!

Director Zach Grasin’s Knifecorp started shooting this week in Los Angeles. Knifecorp also stars Austin Kulman, Peter Gilroy, Lola Sandra, and Hymnson Chan along with a special appearance by Felissa Rose. Grasin wrote the film alongside L.E. Stainmen.

From Alcott Street Productions and Sinful Celluloid Entertainment, Knifecorp explores the dark recesses of the human psyche when damaged by grief and loneliness.

High school senior Wally Banks (Austin Kulman) is selling knives door to door to help his mother (Felissa Rose) after the death of his father. When Wally knocks on the door to an old Victorian house owned by Angus Finn (Kane Hodder in a career changing performance), he opens a Pandora’s box of dark secrets and emotion that threatens not only him, but his friends and Angus as well.

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