First Teaser Arrives for Cyborg: Rise of the Flesh Eaters

A few months ago we shared the news that Albert Pyun’s new film, Bad Ass Angels & Demons, had commenced production; and now we’re back with the flick’s first teaser along with its updated title and a few promotional images.

With about four weeks left to shoot in Hawaii, the newly renamed Cyborg: Rise of the Flesh Eaters stars Kenzie Phillips, Mark Justice, and Nathan Ferrier. It’s written by Pyun and his longtime partner Cynthia Curnan and produced by Curnan, Donna Fischer, Paula Morgan-Moya, Brad Thornton, Mia ScozzaFave, and Robert Krauss.

In the end of days comes the ultimate battle between good and evil. Led by a young hero, the Bad Ass Angels fight the Demons from Hell in this epic Albert Pyun classic.

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