Forever Knight: The Complete Series Box Set Rises from the Mill Creek Crypt This Summer

Before “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”… Before “Angel”… Before “True Blood”… After “Dracula: The Series” (Forget I mentioned that one)… There was “Forever Knight,” the unsung Canadian cop series about a vampire policeman solving crimes of the human and supernatural variety after the sun goes down on the mean streets of Toronto.

Born from a 1989 made-for-television movie starring Rick Springfield (?!) as vampire cop Nick Knight, the 1992 television series wisely recast the title role with the far more fitting to the part Geraint Wyn Davies. Fittingly enough, the series about a late night detective aired in the late nights on CBS, part of a short-lived concept called “Crimetime After Primetime” that featured lower budgeted hour-long action adventure shows airing in the late night time slots now occupied by late night talk shows hosted by Stephen Colbert and James Corden. “Forever Knight” was easily the most popular of the bunch.

For three seasons, 13th century vampire Nick Knight lived and worked as a homicide detective in modern-day (well, early 1990s) Toronto where he used his vampiric powers to serve and protect those he would have once preyed upon in a crusade to regain his humanity and redeem his tortured soul. Knight would work with a partner clueless to his true nature, be aided by a coroner who knows his monstrous secret, and deal with fellows creatures of the night that would attempt to assist, seduce, and corrupt him.

I’m kind of surprised “Forever Knight” hasn’t experienced some sort of resurgence in fandom or even a reboot, but then I also remember the vampire detective premise has already been co-opted by other not-long-for-this-world shows as CBS’s “Moonlight” and Lifetime’s “Blood Ties.”

Sony Home Entertainment previously released the series as individual season discs, and now Mill Creek Entertainment is giving the series a much deserved box set containing the complete series in one nice package: all three seasons, all 70 episodes, together on 12 discs.

The one bit of bad news: DVD only. Guess we’ll still have to wait for a remastered Blu-ray release.

Forever Knight: The Complete Series currently carries a $35.16 pre-order price tag on Amazon and is slated for release July 9th.

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