Good Girl (Short Film Review)

Starring Zack Ward, Amanda Markowitz, Maitlyn Pezzo

Directed by Wesley Alley

Produced by Darren Lynn Bousman and co-written by Bradley Fowler, director Wesley Alley’s shocking short-film Good Girl is one of those sub-10 minute presentations that will make ANY married couple look deeply into the strength of their own relationship…no matter how slightly off-kilter it may be – this one’s still got me a little freaked out, to be honest.

Inside of a spacious, yet eerily dark dining room at opposite ends of a very long table sit the “happily” wedded couple of Charles (Ward) and his beautiful bride Helen (Markowitz). They’ve officially rung the bell on their 10th anniversary and are preparing themselves for a romantic evening, yet something seems horribly off here. Helen’s nervous-meter is off-the-chart and Charles has that cold, calculated look about him – thousand-yard stare, if you will. Dinner hasn’t even gotten a chance to get cold before things get VERY hot, if ya know what I’m slingin’, and what transpires isn’t exactly the kind of stuff you find written on a Hallmark card, but at the risk of spoiling the dessert on this one, I’ll keep my piehole firmly zipped.

Excuse me while I grab another drink to help commemorate this occasion of love, and while the pour’s in progress please allow me to rave about this short film in just a little bit of detail. First off, both Ward and Markowitz’s performances were stellar, and the only thing that could have shuffled them to the side was the overall bleak mood that hung in your gut like a lead-appetizer. From top to bottom, all that came to work on this production should be applauded for its look, feel and ability to send waves of chills through whatever screen you may be watching it through. This is one of those views that I’ll gladly be sure to recommend to all who come looking for a short-duration, yet stretched-out tense play on the art of seduction, intimidation and anxiety all rolled into one tightly-wound package. Make sure to give this one a look when it becomes available, but think twice about eyeballing it with your significant other…unless you have a thing for short relationships.

Good Girl (2018)
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