Holy SH!T! #Brainwaves EPISODE 100!

Holy Sh!t 100 Episodes of Brainwaves!

A Moment of Congrats, and Thanks.

Hi, my name is Amy Martin. I’ve had a show on Deep Talk Radio Network, though some best know me from my days as news host and terrestrial affiliate manager for the late-great Art Bell. Others of you in the horror community may have merely heard mention of my name as a frequent peanut gallery member on the Brainwaves chats. Or listened that time I debated Flat Earthers. Or did a report on the Demon House episode. Or the episode I tried to sit-in for Dark doing the news, which somehow digressed to seagulls consuming sausages, and me corpsing my lines on air. What a disaster!

Editor’s Note: #HowYaDoin

About three years ago around this time, as I had rapidly (and quite unexpectedly) found myself going from Dark Matter news editor-in-chief with twenty other writers to becoming on-air talent with an over 2-million-member nightly terrestrial radio audience, our very own Steve Barton first reached out to me to offer sage advice and words of much needed encouragement. This was the first time we had spoken, which transpired through a handful of e-mail exchanges. Around a year later, I started my own show and thought it would be cool to invite him on as a guest in an episode alongside the legendary Jackey Neyman Jones of Manos The Hands of Fate and “MST3K” fame. I had always loved horror but had never considered myself any part of a community, as such. At some point in the interview I quipped, “Steve, you should do your own show!!

Little did I know, such plans were already in the works – as would be revealed on-air that evening.

I remember the day I told Tim (owner of Deep Talk Radio) that I had invited Steve onto my show. This took him by quite a surprise, as they had been longtime friends (unbeknownst to me). What a strange and fortuitous coincidence!

Now, here we are. 100 episodes later.

Now I’m farting around doing elf shit behind the scenes for the show (which I love doing, by the way). Steve and Joe and Dark are still making some of the best live radio content in existence. I can confidently say this, as I and many others have looked forward to these episodes every single week since its inception. It’s a part of our lives now.

From the incessantly dark humor to interviews with some of the greatest in the genres – it’s something you don’t typically find with live broadcasts.

Safe to say, unlike the vast majority of carefully planned and edited talk radio, every episode contains its own “classic moments.” Every episode you’re sure to learn something new, while coming back around to the jokes, and most of all (for those who participate on Twitter and Discord) you’ll leave with new and different shared listener experiences each week.

Every episode is pure gold.

I’d go a step further to say every episode is like the holy f#@king grail of dark comedy and behind-the-scenes commentary, giving us rare and intimate conversations with some of history’s true masters of horror and most chilling tales of the paranormal. Sometimes we are on edge, listening intently. Sometimes we laugh until we cry (and some weeks, that’s exactly what we need).

Without sounding too sentimental, speaking for fellow listeners, we cherish every moment of it.

Thanks, guys, for letting us all share in this.

Here’s to another hundred!

Pizza Popcorn (and You Better Hang Up The Phone),

– Amy

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  1. You have no idea what this story means to me, Ames. You’re all so very important to us. You, Debi, Sarah, that weird one-named guy, Tiffany, and everyone who listens and takes part both on the show and on this site… THANK YOU. I never thought we’d make it this far and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. It’s an honor to call you our peers. Very. Sexy. Peers.

  2. It’s such a wonderful group of people that have come together for Brainwaves – Steve, Joe, and Dark of course, T’Jim, Amy, and the writers who followed us here… Mike, Matt, Pat, Foy, and others who have yet to post. Here’s to another 100 and MANY more!

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