Housewife (Home Video Review)

Starring Clementine Poidatz, Ali Aksoz, David Sakurai

Directed by Can Evrenol

To pump out an underrated shocker in your first directorial horror-go-round is a fairly impressive feat, for sure – but to crank out another in your second at-bat…well, we might just be on to something big here, people. Can Evrenol, whose 2015 shriekfest, Baskin took quite a few souls by surprise returns with another presentation designed to chill your bones – it’s called Housewife, and it’s a nicely-shot throwback if you will to the days of Giallo horror, if you dug that kind of stuff.

Holly (Poidatz) is a woman who has suffered under the crushing weight of a traumatic event early on in her childhood, and it was one of those unfortunate incidents that has some serious mental repercussions as you progress into adulthood. Her saving grace comes in the part of her best friend, who just happens to pop up out of nowhere after years invites her to sit in for a spell with the U.L.M. (that’s the Umbrella Of Life and Mind for you cult-addicts), and now we know where he friend’s been all this time, don’t we? The man at the head of the pulpit is Robert O’Hara (played to slithering excellence by David Sakurai), and he claims to be a “dream surfer” – one who can transcend into the minds of others to heal, and eventually…well, I think you get where I’m going with this. It doesn’t take too long before Holly is proclaimed “the one” by Mr. O’Hara, and that’s when the little hairs on your neck begin to rise up…or on your arms, or your fanny-cheeks…wherever you might happen to be follicle-wealthy.

A little bit Bava, a little bit Fulci – the movie has it’s share of ups-and-downs, but when it comes to walking a straight line towards predictability-town, you can just forget that! This is one of those films that acts like a fever-dream, ripe with hypnotic imagery and a sense of ethereal-technicolor dread. I’m normally down with a movie that drags you, kicking and screaming along a path of razor blades, but this little jaunt into insanity is one that not only can lose you at times, but once you find yourself, you’ll more than likely be wondering how you got that overwhelming sense of uneasiness in your gut. If it’s subconscious frights your after, with a plodding pace, by all means give Housewife a shot, and at the risk of giving away too much, you’ll probably never look at the porcelain throne the same way again, trust me on this one.

Housewife (2018)
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