How To Be Alone (Short Film Review)

Starring Joe Keery, Evan Miller, Maika Monroe

Directed by Kate Trefry

It’s called “separation anxiety” in the canine world, and it can be a detriment to the human that possesses such a needy animal – you might come home after a long day’s work and have to contend with some chewed clothes or furniture, or if you’re really unlucky you’ll be cleaning up the remnants of a pooch that simply wanted to express their displeasure with your absence. However, contained within the human side of things, this form of anxiety and spiraling depression in the midst of one’s desertion can be terrifying for all parties involved, and that’s where today’s review comes in.

This 11-minute short from director Kate Trefry is called How To Be Alone, and it deals with the staggering and debilitating effects of pseudo-separation anxiety in a woman named Lucy (Monroe) when her lovin’ fella (Keery) splits for work, leaving her alone in their spacious loft…and that’s when her mind takes over. Her inner demons are awakened, and the results are nothing less than nightmarish, complex and ultimately damaging to her already fragile state. I really would love to drone on and on about all the inner trappings of this stunning quickie, but I’d be doing a serious disservice to those who will be seeking this one out, but trust me – while not terrifying, it is particularly haunting in essence and looks damn good all the way through.

Trefry’s maiden directorial debut is a big ol’ splash in an already crowded pool, but her time as a writer on Netflix’s “Stranger Things” only assists her already widespread talent for plot construction and conveyance. The performances coupled with the atmosphere creates a somewhat dreamlike stage, and its intent to creep out the audience works in a slam-bang fashion that will have anyone thinking twice about leaving their significant other home alone while they head off to work…might I suggest one of those Thunder Shirts to keep them calm until you get back? Anyway, if How To Be Alone makes its way around your neck of the woods, be sure to give this one a peek – it’s well worth the watch.

How to Be Alone (2019)
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