I, Survivor Written by Adam Green and Brainwaves’ Joe Knetter – Order Your Copy NOW!

I told you guys we’d only be talking about cool shit here, and it doesn’t get much cooler than this. Adam Green and our own Joe Knetter have written what could very well be the coolest bit of bonus material ever created – the book I, Survivor as it appeared in Green’s fourth entry into the Hatchet franchise, Victor Crowley.

Clocking in at 300 pages I, Survivor will no doubt be a must-have for fans, and you can order your autographed copy right now over at the official AriesScope website. Green and Knetter took to Facebook Live last night to offer fans a sneak peek. Dig it!

About I, Survivor:
In VICTOR CROWLEY (the fourth installment in the HATCHET franchise), Andrew Yong (Parry Shen) is promoting his autobiography I, SURVIVOR – his firsthand account of surviving the horrific 2007 Honey Island Swamp Massacre that left over 40 people butchered in the Louisiana bayou. From Yong’s childhood as a meek outcast with dreams of becoming a rock star… to the terrible car accident that changed his life’s direction… to his intense love affair and heartbreaking marriage with TV talk show host Sabrina Caruthers… to his terrifying near death encounter with local legend Victor Crowley… to defending his life in the trial of this century… I, SURVIVOR reveals all of the shocking, gruesome, and heartbreaking details of Yong’s life story.

Written by Adam Green (HOLLISTON, FROZEN) and Joe Knetter (VILE BEAUTY, TWISTED LONELINESS), I, SURVIVOR comes to life in an absolute must-read for VICTOR CROWLEY fans and Hatchet Army members around the world!

Release date: August 31, 2018. $30. Soft cover. 300 pages. Mature readers only!
A release date for the digital version of I, Survivor is coming soon. The audio book (read by “Andrew Yong” / Parry Shen) is coming this Christmas.

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