Insert Witty Headline for the Bad CGI Sharks Trailer Here

I once joked about one of the Sharknado sequels that “the shark has become self-aware and is actively jumping itself.” Never has that been more true describing a shark flick than with the new micro-budget meta shark flick Bad CGI Sharks.

Yep, it’s a movie about the poorly computer-generated shark of a low budget shitty shark movie entering the real world, swimming through the air, and unleashing its own horrifying pixelated feeding frenzy. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Bad CGI Sharks is directed by “MaJaMa,” which is I strongly suspect is an amalgam of the first names of co-writers and stars of the film Matthew Ellsworth, Jason Ellsworth, and Matteo Molinari.

The teaser trailer and full trailer can be found below. No one can say it doesn’t deliver on its title. To me the shark kind of looks like an animated shark balloon on the prowl.

Bet it’s still better than Syfy’s Santa Jaws. I mean, I hope it’s better than Santa Jaws.

Two estranged brothers are brought back together when a script they’re writing comes to life and sends a poorly rendered digital shark to hunt them down in this meta take on the sharksploitation genre.

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