Interview: Director Can Evrenol Takes Us Inside the Horror That Is Housewife!

Director Can Evrenol has been on the horror radar since his incredibly shocking film Baskin was released in 2015 (his short film of the same name came out in 2013); and his latest project, Housewife, promises to raise more than a few eyebrows this time around.

We were able to grab him for a few quick moments to discuss the film itself as well as what he’s constructing in the works down the road, so park yer buns, read on, and enjoy!

Brainwaves: Can you give us a brief description of the film’s premise and how you came up with the story?

Can Evrenol: When you watch Housewife, you dip your eyes into the soul of a woman, trapped in some serious family issues, a la 70’s Euro horror mindset. After my first feature film, Baskin, I wanted to adopt another short film I did in 2010, titled To My Mother and Father. I wanted it to be dream logic, female, offbeat, inspired by Cronenberg, Lovecraft, Lynch, Argento, Fulci, and Todd Haynes’ Safe and Bava’s Shock.

BW: For the people that might be new to your work, can you tell us how you got your start in the business?

CE: I applied to Columbia University’s MA for film. They asked me to write a one-page, no-dialogue short film script, which starts with: “A boy has a box in his hand. In front of him, across the street, is a house. He knocks on the door, and an old lady opens the door.” This was the assignment. I wrote something and didn’t make it to Columbia. Then I said, “Fuck it; I’ll shoot this short film on my own.” The result was my first horror short, Sandik/The Chest. It’s online, you can check it out.

BW: Whom do you look to for inspiration – any favorite directors?

CE: Verhoeven, Lynch, Cronenberg, Carpenter, Kawajiri, Ceylan, Argento, and of course Kubrick.

BW: After the release of Housewife, what’s coming up next for you?

CE: The horror anthology The Field Guide to Evil is screening at festivals. I directed the segment “Haunted by Al Karisi, The Childbirth Djinn.” I am currently in post-production of my third feature film, Girl With No Mouth, a journey film about four kids in a wasteland.

Housewife, starring Clementine Poidatz, is out on DVD tomorrow, October 2nd.  Pre-order it now!

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