Killer Kate! (Movie Review)

Starring Alexandra Feld, Danielle Burgess, Amaris Davidson

Directed by Elliot Feld

Who doesn’t love a wholesome bachelorette party soaked in blood? If you’re one of those who raised your mitt, then you’ll want to skip the latest horror/comedy from director Elliot Feld titled Killer Kate! However, if you’re in the mood for some serious laughs with your crimson shower, then by all means come along for the ride, as it’s certain to be a messy one.

Starring Alexandra Feld and Danielle Burgess as Kate and Angie – two estranged sisters that have been at contentious odds for years, never uttering so much as a word to each other in that span. Over that great divide, Angie’s time was spent becoming a better student at college while Kate sacrificed her future plans to play home-nurse to the girls’ ailing father (Larry Cedar). When enough becomes enough and the sisterly silence isn’t so golden anymore, Angie extends the olive branch to Kate with an invitation to her bachelorette party, and who knows…just maybe these two can mend the fractured fences after all this time – problem is that there’s trouble on the horizon, and it comes in the form of some seriously inept killers, and that’s being about as generous as I can with the term. So we’ve got our trio of bumbling assassins (one being the illuminating scream queen herself, the lovely Tiffany Shepis), and a small contingent of partygoers that fit the horror movie stereotypes to a T. In any event, the armed invaders are at the door and something tells me that the biggest problem at this soiree isn’t the overindulgence of vegan options.

The film has its share of ups and downs, but mainly its biggest issue is not knowing which direction it wants to take – there’s ample parts of black comedy, and intensive character framing which would make one believe that we’re in for one hell of a story. The only issue here is when the movie breaks down into a formulaic home-invasion styled flick, the brakes are stomped on with the boot of ferocity and we’re left gazing at the GPS that has gone completely blank. The film does attempt to rely heavily on the foundation of the good old 80’s at its back, but even that becomes a bit dated, for lack of a better explanation. What also served as a rather futile attempt wasn’t the performances, which were very well done, but they also seemed lost in the confusion of where the movie was trying to go. For lovers of blood – it’s there. Big fan of dark humor – got that too. Hell, if you happen to dig a whirlwind presentation that unfortunately doesn’t land in the same spot on the carpet that it took off from…we’ve got that for you too.

Overall, Killer Kate! had the goods to be one of those unforgettable horror comedies that would’ve been talked up for years after, but with the misplacement of a solid travel-path we’re left with a movie that should at least act as a bridge in your Halloween viewing – give it a once-over to decide if you really want to stick around this fiesta.

Killer Kate! (2018)
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