Lance Reddick Discusses His Role in Monster Party

He’s the quiet, yet imposing figure behind the concierge desk in the John Wick film series, and he’s been a staple in the Amazon series “Bosch.” His name is Lance Reddick, and his work is nothing short of impressive.

His latest foray takes him into the land of psycho killers in the recently-released Monster Party (review), and he was kind enough to spend a few minutes with us to talk about his role in the film as well as what he’ll be working on next so settle in, read on, and enjoy!

BW: Lance, could you give us a description of the film and tell us about your character, Milo?

LR: The film’s about a group of three people that are friends, and they’re involved in petty larceny in order to help make ends meet, and one of the characters is in a position where he needs a lot of money fast due to a gambling debt that his father has. So he convinces his friend and her boyfriend to take a quick job as caterers in this big mansion for this party, and their plan is to rob the house. Once they get to the party, they realize that the people that are attending this party are all psychopaths, and now they’re trapped in the house. My character Milo is kind of the head of this society of serial killers, and he’s almost like a sponsor – a 12-step program – he’s like their “Bill” (laughs).

BW: Most actors are usually adept at either playing one end of the good-guy/bad-guy spectrum, but you’ve managed to play both with precision over the course of your career – do you have a preference as to which you like better to perform?

LR: (Laughs) – I hate to say this because it sounds so critical but it depends. It depends on the role and the script. My character on “Bosch” is kind of caught in the middle right now, and we’re filming some stuff for the new season so I can’t really say too much about it – he’s a bad guy but he’s got intentions for the greater good.

BW: You’ve done extensive work in both television and film – do you have differing modes of preparation when getting ready for each respective role?

LR: Great question – I find that with small films… they’re not that much different from television. Big films have a much smaller pace, and at times with movies that have bigger budgets they can afford to mess around with things, so you’ll constantly be getting script changes – then I’m constantly scrambling to know my shit (laughs). I’m also a maniac about preparation, so I can’t really say that I have a preference – in this case it really does depend on the show and/or the film.

BW: In general as an actor – whom do you look to for inspiration?

LR: Oh wow – there’s so many. When I was in grammar school, I would go through binges at the time of the video stores. Then when I was in drama school I’d watch the work of Spencer Tracy, Paul Newman, Katherine Hepburn, and two of the people that I really looked to were Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis. I’ve always loved great transformational character actors – Jon Voight had a huge influence on me, and one of my favorite actors, God rest his soul – Philip Seymour Hoffman.

BW: After the release of Monster Party, what can fans expect to see you in down the road?

LR: We’re at the tail-end of shooting Season 5 of “Bosch” – next year John Wick 3 is coming out, then I’ve got Angel Has Fallen coming out as well, and we’ve got Season 2 of “Corporate” coming out as well.

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