Lifechanger (Movie Review)

Starring Lora Burke, Jack Foley, Elitsa Bako

Directed by Justin McConnell

When the first scene of Justin McConnell’s body-stealing flick Lifechanger grabs ahold of you by the throat, you instantly know that this more than likely will NOT be your ordinary, everyday love story.

The film follows a “man” named Drew (voiced by one of horror’s most influential and hardest working souls – Bill Oberst Jr) who is a shapeshift of sorts – literally draining the life out of poor unsuspecting bastards, leaving them in a collapsed heap of used flesh. Drew’s gotten very good at his craft over time, but that precious time appears to be running short. You see, as the host body begins to rot away, Drew’s chances of survival also begin to dwindle, so he’s got to keep up his movement and occupation, but how long can he keep this up, you ask? Well, it turns out that his motives aren’t for the sheer sport of the kill (well, maybe a little bit) – he’s trying to keep pace with the woman he loves, Julia. As time rolls along, Drew’s shifting grows more and more frenetic, yet it won’t ease the pain in his heart that accumulates as the woman he adores begins to slip from his grasp. When the inevitable finally does take place, it will set forth a series of events that will not only change Drew as an entity but threaten what we all know as simple perception becoming masked and what really does lie underneath the surface.

McConnell’s pace does lag at times but it doesn’t detract from the sheer horror that is illusion – what we think we see isn’t always necessarily what’s in front of us, or living next to us. The performances are also solid and blend together quite cleanly, all relying on one another to correctly illuminate a dark canvas and shed a little info on how to never give up on the one you love…even if it does mean shedding an old skin for a new one – bad jokes are front and center today, kids! At the end of it all, Lifechanger is one of those horror films that really does give your gray matter something to simmer in, all the while seeing numerous unknowing innocents becoming temporary fodder for a beast that has a crush on the gal he just can’t seem to latch onto. Well worth a watch with the one you love.

Lifechanger (2018)
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