Long-Awaited New Fear Haus Episodes Have Arrived

Known for their twisted and macabre web series highlighting the eeriest films found around the world, horror anthology Fear Haus has announced the long-awaited release of their newest episodes. This comes just months after their self-proclaimed “Fear Week” — where selected Fear Makers gather at Fear Haus’ headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to create 30 new episodes over the course of one week.

This year’s Fear Week hosted five talented and well-recognized directors in the horror film community including Melanie Light, the London-based director known for her short film The Herd, which was previously featured on Fear Haus.

Fear Haus first caught the attention of horror fanatics across the globe when they released their first episode to YouTube. The channel quickly gained traction as creator Blair Bathory and founder of Moonshine-Post Drew Sawyer worked together to produce a platform for indie horror short films to fall under one name.

Throughout the years Fear Haus has provided hair-raising content not to be watched by the faint of heart, and the newest block of episodes proves to be no different. From beginning to end, hostess Blair Bathory introduces every chilling episode with a menacing grin. The new eps are not to be watched in the dark!

You can check out the teaser trailer below and the first episode as well. After that make sure to let us know what you think in the comments section or on Facebook and/or Twitter!

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