Matt Shaw’s Monster Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, Monster tells the harrowing tale of Richard, Mary, and Andrew – a family of three, and you can check it out right now on Amazon Prime Video.

Directed by Matt Shaw and written by Shaw and Michael Bray, Monster (which won 2018 Best Picture at the Dead All Day Festival) stars UK soap opera actor Tracy Shaw (“Coronation Street”) as the sometimes tragic, sometimes brutally cruel and unhinged Mary, who will do anything for the son she loves and the husband she fears; Rod Glenn (World War Z) as the psychopathic Richard; and Laura Ellen Wilson as Emily, an innocent victim caught in Richard and Mary’s horrific birthday plans who must go to extreme lengths in order to survive. When a chance encounter with the deranged family leads to her being taken, Emily can only begin to imagine the horror yet to come!

As mentioned, Monster is available to rent or purchase on Prime Video; click here for more info.

On the outside Mary and Richard appear normal; and their son, a deformed hulk of a monster, is rarely seen. Look closer, though, and see the true monsters as controlling Richard bullies his family into living the life he wants.

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