New Disposition Trailer Drops to Help Bring Awareness to National Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide and mental illness are very serious issues that pull at all of our souls. It’s a crazy world, and it’s easy to feel helpless as it swallows you whole. Eric Thirteen’s new horror short, Disposition, tackles the subject with the perfect amount of grace and fear. On tap right now, as a means to bring awareness to National Suicide Prevention Week, we have the full 4K trailer for you.

Disposition shows the struggles with depression and suicide in a severe horror setting. Sara Malakul Lane (Beyond the Gates, Sunchoke) plays a woman literally stalked by her depression. As her increasing anxiety and medication begin to threaten her relationship with her girlfriend (Suziey Block), she finds there may be no limit to how far she’ll go to escape the darkness.

We got together with people from all our favorite modern horror movies to make something special,” says writer/director Eric Thirteen (Rob Zombie’s 31, Director’s Cut). “It’s amazing how many successful professionals in the industry privately deal with depression and anxiety. I’ve never had an easier time convincing people to come onboard a film. This was a passion project for everyone involved.

Disposition was co-produced by Sheila Mia Seifi, who was doing special effects for the promos on Halloween (2018), Jigsaw, and “American Horror Story,” and Buz Wallick (Death House, Crystal Lake Memories). Will Barratt (Hatchet, Frozen, “Holliston”) is the director of photography.

The film will be playing at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival (October 11-18). Look for more dates soon!

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