Rust Creek (Movie Review)

Starring Hermione Corfield, Jay Paulson, Sean O’Bryan

Directed by Jen McGowan

Here we are – the first week of 2019 and I firmly believe that we have a contender for “switcheroo of the year” movie-wise. While this year is still in it’s infancy, Jen McGowan’s latest, Rust Creek is one of those movies that looks like you might have it pegged, but trust me when I tell you, it’ll chuck ya for a loop before it’s all over.

Starring Hermione Corfield as a college student named Sawyer, her plight isn’t unlike those in the university set – time comes, ya gotta get a job to pay the bills, but her search just might be the biggest obstacle she’s ever had to overcome. Suffering through a serious case of GPS idiocy (can’t ever truly trust those things, can you) – her seemingly scenic jaunt through the back roads of Kentucky turn out to be a nightmarish trip once she becomes lost with no help in sight…or is it? Enter our slightly red-necky duo of Buck (Daniel Hill) and Hollister (Micah Haupman), brothers who at first are only too happy to assist our maiden in distress, but quickly show their true colors in shocking fashion – roadside assistance these guys are NOT.

Sawyer’s survival skills are minimal but effective in this environment, and this helps keep the plot somewhat grounded and not too far-fetched. Meeting up with hillbilly meth-dealer Lowell (Paulson) gives Sawyer a bit of a leg up in her chances of making it out of this complete cluster. All of this compiled with the inner-troubles of the local police department investigating Sawyer’s abandoned vehicle, you get the sneaking suspicion that something is seriously brewing on the sour side of things, and we as the audience have to decipher the clues – well constructed by McGowan, for sure. The movie takes on much more than “the survivor in the woods” placement – this one has many facets that assist in the telling of the entire story – none of it is wasted, and you’ll find yourself immersing in not only the dialogue but the scenery as well.

At the end of it all, Rust Creek won’t knock you on your ass with shocking results, but it’s the direction that it takes to get to a conclusion is what will impress you – we’ve all seen the sad lost little lamb in the woods routine before, but this is much more than that. With impressive performances and beautiful cinematography, this is one movie that should be checked out before making any road trip…well that and a correctly programmed GPS – perhaps a hard-copy of directions as well, or a decent cell phone…maybe a semi-automatic rifle in the trunk – hey, preparation is key! Give this one a look when it traverses your area, for sure!

Rust Creek (2019)
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