Screamfest 2018: First Wave Announcement Includes Amityville Murders, The Haunted, The Golem, and More!

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Here at Brainwaves we try to keep from focusing too much on location-specific events, but when we got the email announcing the first wave of films heading to America’s largest and longest running horror film festival, Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, we figured a lot of our readers would be interested in learning more.  If you’re included in that group, then read on for the details.

Now in its 18th year, Screamfest will run October 9-18, 2018, at the TCL Chinese 6 Theaters in Hollywood, providing a platform for filmmakers and actors to showcase their latest work to enthusiasts and general audiences. Lin Shaye (pictured right), star of the successful horror franchise Insidious and other popular horror films including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Dead End, 2001 Maniacs, and the soon-to-be-released Grudge reboot, will serve as this year’s festival ambassador.

“Screaming is good for the soul,” said Shaye. “I am extremely excited and honored to serve as this year’s Screamfest ambassador and scream with all of you! I’m thrilled to support and celebrate a space where filmmakers, actors, and fans can unveil their hard work and celebrate the horror genre.”

Screamfest Horror Film Festival will offer unique access to some of the most creative forces in the horror genre through film screenings, Q&A’s, and conversations with the most captivating artists working in the industry today.

“We could not be more excited to partner with Shaye,” said Screamfest founder Rachel Belofsky. “Her work has inspired many, and she has become a force in the horror and genre community.”

The festival is best known for discovering Paranormal Activity in 2007. Other past premieres include Tragedy Girls, Tigers Are Not Afraid, Trick ‘r Treat, 30 Days of Night, Let the Right One In, The Grudge, The Collection, The Human Centipede, and Diary of the Dead. Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, Clive Barker, Eli Roth, James Wan, Zack Snyder, William Friedkin, and John Landis are just some of the filmmakers who have supported the festival year after year.

Film festival badges are currently on sale at, and individual film tickets will be available at the end of September. All screenings are open to the general public. Winners will receive a 24-karat gold-dipped skull trophy designed by the legendary, Academy Award-winning special make-up effects creator Stan Winston, who partnered with the festival until his passing.

Screamfest Horror Film Festival is proud to announce that the following films have been admitted to the festival – the first wave of the 2018 lineup.

SPLINTER-VERSARY– 10-year anniversary screening of SPLINTER
***Splinter premiered at Screamfest 2008 and took home six awards that year. ***
Directed by Toby Wilkins
Written by Ian Shorr and Kai Barry
Cast: Shea Whigham, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Wagner
Produced by Kai Barry and Ted Kroeber
Executive Producers Graham Begg, Chad Burris, Jamie Carmichael, Mark Cuban
A couple retreats to the wilderness for the weekend but are car-jacked by an escaped convict and his girlfriend on the run from the police. As they travel the backroads, they find themselves in deeper trouble. A parasitic creature has taken over the woods, and the two couples are now in its sights. Finding shelter at a gas station, they must use their wits and every weapon at their disposal to stave off the onslaught, not only from the insatiable creature, but also each other.

Directed by Daniel Farrands
Written by Daniel Farrands
Cast: John Robinson, Chelsea Ricketts, Paul Ben-Victor, Diane Franklin, Burt Young, Lainie Kazan
Produced by Eric Brenner and Lucas Jarach
World Premiere
On the night of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo, Jr., took a high-powered rifle and murdered his entire family as they slept. At his trial DeFeo claimed that “voices” in the house commanded him to kill. This is their story.

Directed by Matt Mercer and Mike Testin
Written by Matt Mercer and Mike Testin
Cast: Suzanne Voss, Matt Mercer, Najarra Townsend, Graham Skipper
Produced by Matt Mercer and Mike Testin
West Coast Premiere
Suzanne wasn’t always this confused. She wasn’t always DEAD either… When an ex-con takes a job as a handyman for an unstable elderly woman to avoid a parole violation, it becomes a choice he may regret.

Directed by Mario Sorrenti
Written by Mario Miscione and Marcella Ochoa
Cast: Thomas Kretschmann, Nadine Velazquez, Josh Stewart, Chris Coy, Bex Taylor-Klaus
Produced by Harald Kloser, Marcella Ochoa; co-produced by John Michael Elfers
World Premiere
A neuroscientist’s obsession with a drug that expands the human mind inadvertently unleashes a deadly supernatural force on his team.

DRAUG (Sweden) – 2018
Directed by Klas Persson and Karin Engman
Written by Klas Persson and Karin Engman
Cast: Elna Karlsson, Thomas Hedengran, Nina Filimoshkina, Ralf Beck, Urban Bergsten, Matti Boustedt
Produced by Klas Persson and Karin Engman
World Premiere
In the 11th century a missionary goes missing somewhere in the huge forests bordering the northern parts of Sweden. Among the rescue party chosen to find him is Nanna, a young woman on her first real mission and her first return to the part of the country where she was born. But what they will find deep inside those woods is something else entirely. Something dark. Something ancient. Something evil.

Directed by Timothy Woodward, Jr.
Written by Jeffrey Reddick, Jonathan Doyle, William Halfon
Cast: Lin Shaye, Michael Welch, Tony Todd, Spencer Locke
Produced by Jeffrey Reddick, Lauren De Normandie, Timothy Woodward, Jr., Johnny Cleveland, Thommy Hutson
World Premiere
From the creator of the Final Destination franchise comes a new tale of death. Following the passing of his father, Aaron Hammond (WELCH) returns to his hometown to help his devastated mother (SHAYE) and to confront his past demons. Shifting through his father’s belongings, Aaron comes upon a mysterious item that is far more than it seems.

THE GOLEM (Israel) – 2018
Directed by Doron Paz and Yoav Paz
Written by Ariel Cohen
Cast: Alex Tritenko, Brynie Furstenberg, Hani Furstenberg, Ishai Golan, Lenny Ravich
Produced by Ariel Cohen, Doron Paz, Shalom Eisenbach, Yoav Paz
North America Premiere
In this re-imagining of the old mystical folklore, when a woman’s tight-knit Jewish community is besieged by foreign invaders, she conjures a dangerous creature to protect them, but it may be more evil than she ever imagined. The Golem is the third feature co-directed by Doron and Yoav Paz.

Directed by David Holroyd
Written by David Holroyd
Cast: Sophie Stevens, Nick Bayly, Ray Macallan, Maggie Daniles, Kirstie Steele, Virginia Denham
Produced by Crispin Manson and Matthew Stradling
World Premiere
In a rambling, isolated house Emily’s first night shift as carer to an elderly dementia patient turns into a nightmare as she is tormented by a vengeful spirit and uncovers the house’s dark secrets.

Directed by Sky Wang
Written by Sky Wang, Baiying Wu
Cast: Martin Yang, Mingyi Yang, E’Naan Zhang, Ray Wang, Fengzhu Jia, Qianhua Chen, Simpson Tang, Man Yang
Produced by Iris Liu
West Coast Premiere
A group of seemingly unrelated individuals fight their way out of a virus-infested hotel, only to find themselves at a worse place than before.

OPEN 24 HOURS (US) – 2018
Directed by Padraig Reynolds
Written by Padraig Reynolds
Cast: Emily Tennant, Brendan Fletcher, Vanessa Grasse
Produced by Alek Conic
West Coast Premiere
A paranoid, delusional woman, Mary White (Grasse), has just been released from a mental hospital for setting her serial killer boyfriend on fire. Her boyfriend, James Lincoln Fields, is the brutal serial killer known as The Rain Ripper. After being released from the hospital, Mary’s vulnerable demeanor aids her in obtaining employment at an all-night petrol station. However, left alone to her own devices, her paranoia and hallucinations return with furious consequences. Customers and friends suddenly start turning up dead, mutilated, all around her. Is The Rain Ripper back to finish her off?

PLEDGE (US) – 2018
Directed by Daniel Robbins
Written by Zack Weiner
Cast: Zachery Byrd, Aaron Dalla Villa, Cameron Cowperthwaite, Phillip Andre Botello, Jesse Pimentel, Erica Boozer, Joe Gallagher, Zack Weiner, Jean-Louis Droulers
Produced by Mark Rapaport, Keaton Heinrichs, Akiva Nemetsky
US Premiere
A group of college freshmen pledge an exclusive fraternity but soon realize there’s more at stake than they could have ever imagined.

TUMBBAD (India) – 2018
Directed by Rahi Anil Barve and Anand Gandhi
Written by Mitesh Shah, Adesh Prasad, Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi
Cast: Sohum Shah, Harish Khannaa, Anita Date, Mohd Samad, Jyoti Malshe, Deepak Damle, Dhundiraj Prabhakar Jogalekar
Produced by Amita Shah, Mukesh Shah, Sohum Shah
West Coast Premiere
In 19th century India a greedy village boy pursues a cursed ancestral treasure, guarded by the devil himself. Tumbbad opened the Venice Film Festival’s Critic’s Week 2018.

YOU DIE (Italy) – 2018
Directed by Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, Daniel Lascar
Written by Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, Daniel Lascar
Cast: Erica Landolfi, Simone Moretto, Micol Damilano, Rocco Marazzita, Alice Piano, Simone Valentino, Carola Cudemo, Ja’Michael Darnell, Daniele Marmi
Produced by Daniel Lascar, Simone Offredo, Francesco Scrufari
US Premiere
Someone downloads an app on your phone behind your back. It looks like an augmented reality game, but soon you realize it’s an app that connects to the world of the dead, which allows you to see the dead through the camera of the phone. On the screen you see a countdown timer starting from 24 hours, and before it reaches zero, you have to download the app to someone else’s phone to earn 24 more hours. And you must do it every single day. What would you do? Would you continue passing this curse and condemning other people?

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