Sid Haig’s Horror Comedy High on the Hog Arriving Later This Month

Here at Brainwaves we’re big fans of actor Sid Haig so we’re quite happy to share the latest news about his film High on the Hog, which is heading our way later this month. Featuring both Haig and the final appearance of Robert Z’dar, it’s one you don’t want to miss!

Indican Pictures has picked up distribution rights to director Tony Wash’s High on the Hog, starring Sid Haig (3 From Hell), Joe Estevez (Public Enemy), and Robert Z’dar (Maniac Cop I, II, III) in his final role. Fiona Domenica and Brenda Whitehead co-star.  The script was written by Andy Golum and Kevin C. Lockhart.

This genre bender features Haig as Big Daddy, who is fighting against the government to maintain his grow-op. Haig, who is also a producer on this grindhouse feature, recently said of the film and its debut: “I’ve always loved the grindhouse action movies of the 70’s and am happy to make this offbeat, modernized take on them!”

Part comedy and part horror, High on the Hog takes place on a remote farm where everything is grown, including the green herb. Local government officials need a bust and have targeted Big Daddy’s farm for their hit, but Big Daddy is ready for the Federales with his arsenal of weapons and take-no-prisoners farmhands. Just before the big fight, they have to pack that pipe tight!

Indican has slated the film for an initial theatrical launch beginning April 19th. High on the Hog will screen in several countries across the globe including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and of course the USA. You can expect a wider launch on home entertainment formats at a future date.  Stay tuned for more info!

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