Signing the Petition to Name the Atlantic Rim Monster “Jimbo” Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do Today

And now for what is without question the single most important news story going on today, not just in the world of cinema, but the world in general: Someone has started a petition to convince The Asylum to officially name the giant mon-star of their motion picture Atlantic Rim “Jimbo!”

Okay, let’s rewind for a moment.

Atlantic Rim was The Asylum’s 2013 Pacific Rim mockbuster that was originally released (at least in the US) under the less lawsuit-baiting title Attack from Beneath. The title has since reverted back to Atlantic Rim, what with the release of last year’s Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (designed to coincide with the release of Pacific Rim: Uprising) and the film getting riffed on the most recent season of Netflix’s “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet.” Atlantic Rim also marked the first time a movie made post-2000 was featured on “MST3K.” Suffice to say, the legacy of Atlantic Rim seems secure.

However, an individual going by the name “Mesozoic Bloke” has decided that one fatal flaw with Atlantic Rim is that colossal undersea kaiju the government-sanctioned robot pilots of the film contend with is never actually given any sort of official moniker. I’ll be the first to admit that this does seem a bit of an oversight coming from the same production company that has given us such homegrown kaiju as Mega Shark, Mega Piranha, Crocosaurus, Mecha Shark, and Gatoroid. His solution: “Jimbo.”

In Bloke’s own words:

I feel as though the Atlantic Rim kaiju will never get the recognition it deserves due to the lack of a catchy, memorable name. As a result, I have proposed the name “Jimbo” to be his official title. 

By signing this petition, you are supporting the kaiju community by helping this unique monster obtain an official title. If/when this petition gets enough signatures, the request to name the monster Jimbo will be sent to The Asylum, where they will make the final decision.

Why Jimbo? Why not Jimbo? Who the hell knows? One guy knows why, but even in his petition he doesn’t really explain why Jimbo.

I’m also not entirely sure how this is supposed to work. Would The Asylum dub in someone calling the creature Jimbo in any future release of the film? Would any and all press releases regarding the film in the future have to specifically mention men and women in hi-tech robots battling a monster named Jimbo? Would it require The Asylum produce a third film entitled Atlantic Rim: Jimbo’s Revenge? I’m so confused right now.

I reached out to Atlantic Rim filmmaker Jared Cohn; and after convincing him that I wasn’t joking, he gave me the following statement regarding the Jimbo Petition:

“I think this petition is hilarious. Good to see the movie is getting more attention though. Long live Atlantic Rim!”

Not really sure if that means he is pro or negative Jimbo. Sounds like he’s hedging his bets on this one depending how the petition goes.

Cohn also brought the petition to the attention of Asylum honcho David Latt, who merely replied with a crazy face emoticon. Again, not sure if that means he is pro or negative Jimbo. But if enough people sign this thing, then we’ll see who’s making the crazy face.

As of the time I am penning this article, the petition has only achieved about 9 signatures. However, the goal is only to reach 100 signatures. Look, I know The Asylum isn’t exactly a major movie studio, but it still seems like it would take more than a measly 100 signatures to force this kind of change.

Well, there’s really only one way to find out. About 90 of you are going to have to sign this petition. And when it hits 100, someone will go nail it to the front door of The Asylum’s offices like Martin Luther did with his 95 Theses. Then, and only then, will the monster from Atlantic Rim be forever known as… JIMBO!

Or not.

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