Skyman – Blair Witch Project Co-Creator Daniel Myrick Looks to the Stars

There are many unanswered questions in the universe, but one of the most prevalent is “Are we alone?” Who knows if it will ever be answered. We do know this though… speculation is fun and sometimes… scary. Enter Daniel Myrick’s Skyman.

I’m elated to finally be able to share the first look at Skyman on such a monumental occasion – the 20th year anniversary of Blair Witch. We’re all curious about the beyond… I’m excited for you to join me on this journey.” – Dan Myrick, director of Skyman

Skyman documents the story of Carl Merryweather, who believes he experienced an alien encounter at 10 years old and is now trying to reconnect with the UFO at the same location.

Check out the trailer below courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.

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