Skynd Releases Amazing Elisa Lam Video

**Tap tap** Is this thing on? Man… lots of familiar faces around here. Starting to feel like home. I guess it’s my turn to jump back into the game. Mr. Dark here, boils and ghouls, with something I had to share with the world.

Skynd is a new artist from Australia that makes… weird music. It’s mostly electronic, yet hits a certain dark nerve that registers with this metalhead. The fact that Korn’s Jonathan Davis guested on one of the tracks on her new EP doesn’t hurt.

Made up of vocalist Skynd and an unknown, masked instrumentalist/programmer, the act focuses solely on the darkest side of humanity. Their debut EP, Chapter 1, is available to stream for free via their website, and it contains three songs: “Gary Heidnik,” “Richard Ramirez,” and “Elisa Lam.”

It’s that last one I’m here to talk about. Yes, the other two are about infamous serial killers and feature videos that are chock-full of graphic depictions of the horrors they wrought. “Elisa Lam,” however, is about the famed case of the disappearance and eventual horrific discovery of 21-year-old Elisa Lam, a university student travelling to Los Angeles, staying at the also-infamous Cecil Hotel. She was seen on extremely creepy and unexplained video footage behaving in a bizarre way and, seemingly, terrified of unseen threats. Stack on the odd behavior of the elevator seen in the footage and the incredibly weird and, to my mind, unexplained way she died… you’ve got a whole lot of real life spooky.

Skynd plumbs the depths of this spooky in an incredibly creepy track that has one of the single coolest music videos I’ve ever seen. While the lyrics cover what we know about the case, they also suggest a supernatural element that many have suspected. Referencing the buttons she presses in the elevator in the footage before her disappearance, the bridge lyrics state, “4 2 6 2 10 5 1… I told you not to play my game…

You’ve just got to watch this. Whether you’re familiar with the case, obsessed with it like Steve, or just like extremely dark music and visuals, this is a stunner.

Skynd’s EP can be streamed free via their website, and all three full theatrical videos can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

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