Sleep No More (Home Video Review)

Starring Keli Price, Brea Grant, Stephen Ellis

Directed by Phillip Guzman

Working third shift over the course of the last 20+ years, it’s a safe assumption to offer that my sleep-cycle has been cornholed six ways from Sunday. Now I’ve learned and conditioned myself to an extent to operate on a minimum amount of shuteye if necessary, but even I don’t think I could pull off the test of no sleepytime that exists in Phillip Guzman’s Sleep No More, a nightmare for Mr. Sandman fanatics the world over.

The film follows four grad-psych students at the prestigious St. Martin University in the grand old year of 1986 (ah, to be 13 years old again), and the quartet is centering their efforts around the study and damaging effects of sleeplessness over an indeterminate period of time. If you think that the answer to insomnia is pharmaceuticals, well you’re correct to an extent – you see, according to Dr. Whatley (Yasmine Aker), the remedy is a drug that actually keeps you awake longer…oh shit, this has trouble written all over it, doesn’t it? The drug is called Cogniphan, and when administered to the non-dozing masses, it works as a defense against sleep itself, almost attacking it as some kind of illness – now let’s see the FDA get their mitts on this one. Just imagine the ramifications of a drug: more increased work hours, less chance of slow-down or lag-time in productivity…oh, and let’s not forget about the psychotic breaks too!

After some testing goes (ahem) a bit “awry” the group decides to eschew the usual protocol and place themselves under the microscope instead, offering their own sanctity up on a pillow and give up on sleep for a staggering 200 hours – dreamland, be damned! As you could imagine (and if you’re remedially sufficient in calculation), that’s over 8 days of not hitting the hay, and the mental horrors that can (and will) occur would be enough to shake someone to the core. With an ample mix of scares, interesting portrayals and pretty damned fun 80’s reminiscing, Guzman has put on a presentation that should serve as a fun installment to anyone’s Halloween viewing this scary season – give this one a look for sure!

Sleep No More (2018)
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