Starship Troopers Reunite to Battle Werewolves in the Trailer for Alpha Wolf

The upcoming Alpha Wolf looks to be a Starship Troopers reunion of sort as it stars mobile infantry leader Casper Van Dien and brain-sucking victim Patrick Muldoon. This time, however, the threat isn’t intelligent insects on an alien world but savage werewolves powered by the full moon.

Van Dien and Jennifer Wenger portray happily married Jack and Virginia Lupo, a couple that move into a secluded cabin hoping to salvage their relationship. They have bigger problems than their rocky marriage. A predatory werewolf prowls these woods. They survive an encounter with the Sasquatchian wolfman, but Jack gets bitten in the process.

You know what that means.

Soon Jack undergoes a transformation that begins with his personality and culminates with him physically transforming into a werewolf with a striking resemblance to the man-beast from the classic Full Moon flick Meridian. The alpha wolf is none too happy no longer being the only wolf in town, setting up an even hairier situation for the Lupos.

Things grow even more bizarre when the family dog leaps in to save the wife and ends up going through its own surreal transformation.

Kevin VanHook, who previously went vampire hunting with Van Dien all the way back in 2006 in the Syfy original Slayer, directs this werewolf flick from a script by first-time scribe Wes C. Caefer.

Alpha Wolf looks to begin howling on VOD November 13th. I’ve never understood this habit of releasing a new horror movie that sounds perfect for the Halloween season in the first week or two of November.

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