Stephen King’s Castle Rock Comes Home on Blu-ray in January

J.J. Abrams and Hulu’s Stephen King series “Castle Rock” will be released digitally via Warner Bros this October before hitting 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD in January. You can check out all the special features below along with the Blu-ray cover art.

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the series aired on Hul and was brought to us by executive producer J.J. Abrams. Sam Shaw and Dusty Thomason created the series which starred André Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Sissy Spacek, Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, Scott Glenn, Allison Tolman, and Terry O’Quinn.

Special Features:

  • Blood on the Page
  • A Clockwork of Horror: Merging the styles of Stephen King & J.J. Abrams
  • Inside the Episode: Severance
  • Inside the Episode: Habeas Corpus
  • Inside the Episode Local Color
  • Inside the Episode: The Box
  • Inside the Episode: Harvest
  • Inside the Episode: Filter
  • Inside the Episode: The Queen
  • Inside the Episode: Past Perfect
  • Inside the Episode: Henry Dever
  • Inside the Episode: Romans

“Castle Rock” The Complete First Season will be released via Warner Bros digitally on October 15 before hitting 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 8.

The first season of Castle Rock follows Henry Deaver (André Holland), a Death Row attorney who returns to Castle Rock, Maine, his hometown, after he receives an anonymous phone call from the infamous Shawshank State Penitentiary. The call is about a nameless young man (Bill Skarsgård) who is found locked in an underground cage that’s located in a long-abandoned cell block beneath the prison. Upon his discovery, the mysterious young man, with a sinister and unnerving presence, whispers Henry’s name. Curious about how and why someone left this boy imprisoned, Henry is drawn into the case and attempts to help him. But there are reasons why “The Kid” was imprisoned. And reasons why he should never be set free.

Permeated with a sense of foreboding and dread, the haunting small town of Castle Rock is not willing to let Henry leave. Aside from now having to deal with the strange young man found in the prison, Henry is faced with the fact that his adoptive mother (Sissy Spacek), who lives in Castle Rock with retired Sheriff Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn), is struggling with the onset of dementia. Reluctantly, Henry stays to figure out just who “The Kid” is and how he wound up imprisoned under such appalling circumstances.

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