Terror Films Partners with New Platform Vidi Space for October Horror Slate

Looking for another way to watch horror movies in your spare time? If so, you’ll want to bookmark Vidi Space, a new online network that has teamed up with distributor Terror Films, a company that is near and dear to genre fans’ hearts, for its October horror slate.

Sound like something you’d want to check out?  Then read on for the details!

From the Press Release:
VIDI SPACE is a new online network founded by the host and executive producer/researcher of the hit TV shows “Paranormal Lockdown,” “Ghosts of Shepherdstown,” “Ghost Adventures,” and “Ghost Stalkers,” offering both subscription and a la carte options to their programming. To kick off the new venture, TERROR FILMS has made over 30 titles available on VIDI SPACE. A separate slate of films will also be released at a later date from Terror Films’ sister company, Global Digital Releasing; and this second slate will be comprised of dramas, comedies, and documentaries.

“As an indie company, it’s vital to not only have our content on major platforms such as iTunes, Shudder, Amazon, Vudu, and so on, it’s also important for us to explore new and exciting streaming platforms such as VIDI SPACE, which will only help expand the digital footprint of our films and ideally increase revenue opportunities for our filmmakers,” stated TERROR FILMS President Joe Dain.

A popular feature on VIDI SPACE has been the live streamed premieres of new content that allows customers to watch and interact through an integrated social chat. During the month of October, a new movie from TERROR FILMS will be aired Thursday through Sunday every week at 7PM PT/10PM ET on VIDI.LIVE. Customers viewing titles via Amazon FireTV or Roku will still be able to access the social chat online through their desktops, laptops, or handheld devices utilizing the same web address. After all live premieres, titles will be available for video on demand (VOD) streaming through a VIDI SPACE subscription, rental, or purchase.

“Our partnership with Terror Films is a real first step towards spotlighting a genre in the industry that not only demands constant innovation, but literally and figuratively keeps us all on the edge of our seat. It comes at the perfect time as we focus on expanding our other channels, particularly The Horror Space. The films they are bringing to us truly set the bar to what independent filmmaking is all about,” stated VIDI SPACE President/Co-Founder Elizabeth Saint.

The first 19 films in the series will kick off on Thursday, October 4th. For additional details on the release calendar or how to participate in the live streamed premieres, visit VIDI.SPACE.

To get a sample of what’s to come, check out the following promotional sizzle reel created by VIDI SPACE.

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