The 6th Friend (Home Video Review)

Starring Jamie Bernadette, Chantelle Albers, Dominique Swain

Directed by Letia Clouston

Let it be known that along that dark, winding road that we’ve all come to travel known as “Horror Movie Way,” there has always been one lesson that’s come to fruition more than one time: dirty secrets locked up for the sake of protecting the guilty will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the ass. In Letia Clouston’s whodunit/slashfest The 6th Friend the audience will learn about that aforementioned lesson being taught to those unwilling to admit fault, and the price to pay is steeped in arterial sprays.

Following a 5 year stretch of downtime from their college graduation party that ended up a wee-bit bloody, a quintet of besties attempt to regain a modicum of normalcy at the same place where the horrific events occurred before…not EXACTLY the smartest gameplan for healing the warped minds of secret-keeping transgressors, now is it? It turns out that the gals are not alone in their relaxed state – seems that they’ve been followed by someone who knows about their crimes and is prepared to make them pay for their misdeeds. Sounds like a party to me, for sure! Jamie Bernadette holds down the lead role here as the deeply affected Joey, whose choice to distance herself from her friends for this amount of time might have driven a wider wedge between them, but that’s in the past…isn’t it? In any event, her former classmates await her presence, and before this little reunion is over, there’s going to be some reckoning whether the ladies choose to want it or not.

Bolstered by a solid supporting cast that includes Chantelle Albers, Dominique Swain, and Monique Rosario, all of the ladies offer up some strong performances, giving off the illusion that we’re smack-dab in the middle of a reconciliation of sorts, compiled of a handful of women who are content to move on with their lives, regardless of past ordeals – the trauma is there, though they hide it well. While the film does take some time to stoke the flames of tempo, we’re witnessing the building of the firepit, if you will – character formation is a priority in this story, and once we get the building-block details out of the way, let the killin’ commence! While we’re on the topic of slaughtering, I truly did enjoy some of the graphic dispatchings that took place, but unfortunately, they led to a rather predictable and stale conclusion – something that this film simply did not deserve at the end of it all.

Overall, The 6th Friend is one of those films that’s best suited to be viewed with all of your pals (male or female) – refreshments galore on-tap, and a sense that someone is going to be found guilty of some past malfeasance…just make sure that whoever it is has dropped off their share of party snacks before judgment is thoroughly passed.

The 6th Friend (2019)
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