The Car: Road to Revenge (Audio Review) – The Best Superhero Stalker Killer Car Revenge Movie Albert Pyun Never Made

Starring Grant Bowler, Kathleen Munroe, Martin Hancock, Micah Balfour, Ronny Cox

Directed by G.J. Echternkamp

2019 Gets its motor revving with a pseudo-sequel to a 40-year-old cult classic that looks and sounds less like a follow-up to The Car and more like a sequel to The Wraith and looks like an episode of Syfy’s now defunct series “Blood Drive.”

In a dilapidated cyberpunk city plagued by crime and corruption, an unscrupulous District Attorney is savagely murdered and tossed out of a building onto his brand new car. Mysteriously, the District Attorney and his car come back to life as a single being with a thirst for vengeance. The eerie driverless car embarks on a vicious rampage, exacting revenge on the criminals who murdered him. The Car: Road to Revenge is the stylized sequel to the unconventional horror cult classic The Car (1977) and features an homage to the original with the return of Ronny Cox as The Mechanic.

What if The Crow was actually a car?

What if that avenging vehicle was also a Lifetime Network stalker?

The Car: Road to Revenge is the movie that finally melds those two completely insane ideas into one budget-conscious ultra-violent cyberpunk action thriller.

Loaded with assholish characters brimming with nihilistic attitude, over-the-top gore effects, and possibly the most close quarters vehicular homicide in the history of cinema, believe it or not, I am here to sing the praises of this cinematic roadkill. The nonsense actually fully functions within the logically illogical boundaries of its B-movie universe, if that makes any sense.

Also possibly not making a ton of sense, my nine-minute rambling audio review in which I try to make sense of this enjoyably loopy sorta-sequel. Be warned: I’m totally freestyling script-free off the top of my head so thought structure be damned.

Also be wary of some minor spoilers and some NSFW language.

The Car: Road to Revenge (2019)
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