The First Date (Short Film Review)

Starring Chad McMartin, Cassandra Tragar, Anton Schrama

Directed by Adam Weber

First dates of the blinded variety can be an absolute nerve-wrecker of an endeavor – first off, there’s the decision about where to go, what to talk about, if you’ll even be able to tolerate your opposing accompaniment, or how to properly get the blood stains out of the place settings…whoops! Sorry about that last little nugget of information – I may have jumped the gun a tiny bit, and for that I apologize, but in the latest short film from Adam Paul Weber, The First Date, we get to see what happens when a nightmare of culinary proportions treads upon said first encounter.

Weber’s got the chops for horror in his blood, having served as a producer on the insanely violent clown-flick, Terrifier as well as the fantastic short film, After Hours, now takes a spin in the director’s chair with this presentation, and it should be used as a cautionary tale for all potential sweethearts. Set in a chic hideaway restaurant, we close in on a man who is impatiently waiting for his date to arrive – now either she’s completely blown him off, or…okay, I’ve really got to stop crowbarring the lid on this Pandora’s Box. As time goes by our fella in wait takes it upon himself to investigate his date’s tardiness, and you can be sure that before this night turns into day, there will be a lot of stomachs turning with the findings.

Weber’s direction is simple yet extremely effective in its pathing, as no time is wasted setting the events in motion, and combined with some gruesome special FX work from Leigh Madden, I’d be surprised if any of you wanted to stick around for a gander at the dessert tray – WOW. Clocking in at a scant 5 minutes, The First Date is one of those quickies that you’ll want to replay over and over again due to its utter depravity, but please leave the shared viewings with your companion until at least the 3rd or 4th date.

The First Date (2018)
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