The God Inside My Ear (Movie Review)

Starring Linnea Gregg, Dorian Rush, Collin Galyean

Directed by Joe Badon

Everyone processes a break-up differently – some let it roll off of their backs and begin looking for a new fish in the dating sea almost immediately, while others take a little time for themselves…maybe kick the covers for a few days, get a good cry out of it, and slowly progress back into rational thought. Then we have those who completely detach themselves from reality, begin to hear not only dogs speak to them, but the good Lord himself – aah, look at what love for another can do to you!

In first-time director Joe Badon’s psychological trip-fest, The God Inside My Ear, the blueprint for the successful overcoming of a dissolved love-relationship is heaved out of a speeding car, then thoroughly crushed by an oncoming steamroller. The film centers around Elizia (Gregg in a standout role), a young woman who’s just undergone a sad, if not somewhat funny breakup when her slightly kooky boyfriend gives her the boot rather unceremoniously. After the thud-like landing, Elizia becomes another woman altogether – her demeanor changes from sullen to almost trance-like at times, and the visions and voices have just begun to ring out. Could our beloved young lass really be hearing the voice of the man upstairs, or could there be more sinister intonations waiting in the darkness?

Badon relies heavily on the freaky imagery, with loads of technicolor dream-like jaunts for Elizia, and her “travels” across otherworldy expanses help to convey the story of a poor soul whose mind has taken a sharp left turn into a concrete median, and we’re all front and center to see the wreckage.

Gregg is simply magnificent in her portrayal of the scarred personage, and in one scene she begins to ramble and scream incoherently after waking up, and it’s fairly frightening to take in, but extremely effective to character construction. Overall, this film is one seriously warped attack on your gray-matter, but damn is it sure fun to hop in this vehicle and take the ride – give this one a look when it strolls your way!

The God Inside My Ear (2018)
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