The I Like Scary Movies Experience – What It Is and Why You NEED to GO!

A few days ago I headed into Los Angeles to check out the I Like Scary Movies Experience (get your tickets NOW) to find out just what this latest California attraction is all about. By the time I was done, I think I nearly tripped over my own lower jaw as it was dragging like caveman knuckles across the floor.

First off, this interactive horror-themed art installation is not just big… it’s IMMENSE! It checks in at somewhere around 25k square feet; that’s half the size of a football field, and every inch of it is riddled with horror goodness, including massive free-standing creations and even easter eggs for those of you keen-eyed enough to spot them.

Let me stress something:  This is NOT in any way a haunt. Nobody will be jumping out trying to scare you. You’re left to freely enjoy all the spooky that the I Like Scary Movies Experience has to offer AT YOUR OWN PACE! If you’ve been following my career or are anything like me – first of all, you have GREAT taste – and secondly, we share a common frustration that really sucks… We’ve all been there: You have waited literally hours to get into your favorite attraction, and once you finally get in the door, you’re steered through it at lightspeed and cannot even take a single pic to remember your visit because it’s just not allowed. No matter how you slice it, that blows.

The I Like Scary Movies Experience is a completely different animal. Here, there’s basically no line to stand in as your tickets will be for a specific date and time. AND nobody will be rushing you through! That’s not what this place is about at all. One of the many things that set this exhibit way apart from haunts is that it is made specifically for visitors to take pictures in! As many pictures and as crazy of a pic as you would want! Artist Maximilian has gone above and beyond to create meticulously crafted exhibits that literally SCREAM for you to get into the scene with them! Not only that, they’re also screaming for you to interact with them!

Want to feel what it would be like to touch the pipes in Freddy’s boiler room? FEEL THEM! Here you’re encouraged to interact! To touch! Was it your dream (or nightmare) to know what it would be like to be embraced by the enormous hand of the son of 100 maniacs, reach up, and grab the actual cold steel and pull it towards you? I promise you… you will be creating photo ops that until now could only be dreamed about! There has just never been anything like this!

Your next question is obvious… how long will it take to see and do everything? Let me give you a conservative estimate based upon my experience. I walked through this amazing exhibit with only a few other people. At the time of this writing it is still being built. That’s right! What I saw wasn’t even 100% ready. It took my group nearly an hour to walk through the five exhibits, and again… that was an empty walkthrough that we did not take pictures around as it was unfinished. By the time this is open, I’d say that it would likely take you about 90 minutes or more to go through in its entirety. Probably longer. At just $39 per ticket, given all there is to do and see, it’s nothing short of a bargain!

Even better? Located on Wilshire Boulevard, there’s parking literally everywhere, including at meters, so you won’t even have to deal with the hell that is Downtown LA proper. Nothing like not needing a healthy supply of aspirin just to go and enjoy yourself!

There are five multi-room exhibits, and their themes are as follows… The Shining, Beetlejuice, Stephen King’s It, The Lost Boys, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. What’s included in them… let’s see… without giving away any spoilers, you will find yourself hanging around, resting in coffins, navigating a sea of red, sharing your deepest fears with a certain someone, and finding some incredibly unique places for you to um… well… you’ll see!

I cannot rave about the I Like Scary Movies Experience more! And you know what? I won’t have to! This is the kind of insanely good time that speaks for itself. Just look up the hashtags #ILSM and #ILikeScaryMovies on your favorite social networks.

The I Like Scary Experience opens on April 4th and runs until June 16th, and then it’s gone. You do NOT want to miss this. Do NOT hesitate to get your tickets! It is worth your time; your money; and, if need be, your travel time. I stake my rep on it!

Click here to visit I Like Scary Movies online!
The Desmond – 5514 Wilshire Blvd., Second Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90036


I Like Scary Movies is the experience that all scary movie fans have been dreaming of – a groundbreaking participatory art installation that is a true celebration of some of the most beloved horror films.

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