The King of the Mockbusters Takes on the King of the Monsters When The Asylum Heads to Monster Island

I’ve never been more excited for an Asylum production as I am for the June 1st arrival of Monster Island, the King of the Monsters mockbuster from the undisputed king of the mockbusters.  Here’s the synopsis:

As the world tries to stop a giant Kaiju bent on destruction, more and more monsters appear – each one more terrible than the last – leaving mankind defenseless until our heroes reach out to a specialist versed in monster lore.

Adrian Bouchet, Natalie Robbie, Chris Fisher, Donna Cormack-Thomson, Toshi Toda, and the incomparable Eric Roberts star in the all-out monster attack from writer-director Mark Atkins. Atkins knows his way around the genre, having directed about a half-dozen shark flicks and three dragon movies. Will be interesting to see what a Destroy All Monsters-style Kaiju flick on an Asylum budget looks like.

Monster Island premieres on Syfy Saturday, June 1st, just 24 hours after Godzilla stomps theaters. Expect a trailer soon – I hope. I’m dying to see what this looks like.

If one of the Kaiju isn’t some type of colossal shark hybrid, I’ll be very disappointed. You know, Sharkra; and two twin bikini babes awaken her by singing Beach Boys songs in unison.

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