The Pale-Faced Lady (Short Film Review)

Starring John Altom, Crystal Custode, Beth Baker

Directed by Jeff Payne

We’ve all got those nightmares that have hit us hard enough over the course of our lives that make us want to tell their story, and in the case of director Jeff Payne, he’s thrown down his chilling image of sleep-time terror into a short film for us all to dive into.

The Pale-Faced Lady holds a special place in the mind of Payne, as he’s stated that she is the centerpiece of his recurring nightmares, and whatever energy he put towards her, be it attention or ignorance, she just seemed to respond – now if that doesn’t give ya a case of the heebies! In any event, this 10-minute creepy-crawler is your classic ghost-story, complete with informative narration and subtle scares. With its muted tones and darkened shots, the viewer is transported directly into a home that is occupied by a woman who you’d rather not encounter on your atypical dark and stormy night.

You can surmise by the looks and feels of this quickie that Payne had no problem conveying the sheer chills he confronted in his subconscious with this angry spectre, and it transfers very well into the “real world” view. For those hungering for a shriek-a-minute horror show, I’d advise you to dine elsewhere as this is a traditional course, but it does hit the taste buds well, especially if you dig spooky-conventional parameters. This short-film is currently on YouTube so if you’re up for an abbreviated case of the willies, I’d most certainly advise you to check out The Pale Faced Lady…just don’t try to ignore her – I’ve been advised that she doesn’t like that.

The Pale-Faced Lady (2019)
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