There’s Something Bearry Strange About This Trailer for Bryan the RomCom

Sarah French. Felissa Rose. Joe Knetter. Vernon Wells. Those aren’t exactly names you’d commonly see associated with a romantic comedy, but… well… Bearry (formerly Bryan the RomCom) isn’t exactly your common rom-com either. Check out the film’s new trailer to see what we mean.

Directed by Alex T. Hwang and written by Kathleen W. Hwang and Anthony Werley, Bearry stars the above folks alongside Charles Chudabala and Vincent M. Ward.

Look for the film some time in April of 2019 via Tiberiusfilm LLC and H2 Crew.

After a recent divorce, Chloe (French) turns to her friends Sam (Rose) and Luis (Chudabala) to help her get back into the relationship game. Unfortunately for Chloe said game turns dangerous in the most terrifyingly hilarious of ways.

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