Ugly Sweater Party (Movie Review)

Starring Felissa Rose, Hunter Johnson, Charles Chudabala

Directed by Aaron Mento

The only thing more hideous thing to behold during the holiday season other than one of those wretchedly staged family Christmas cards are those repugnant sweaters that everyone loves to don. Horrific as they may be, they are the rage to widen eyeballs during Santa’s time of giving, and it provides the ultimate focal point for Aaron Mento’s wacky new film, Ugly Sweater Party – make sure the size is correct, because there will be heavy judging to undergo after the review’s done.

Starring everyone’s favorite camper, the enchanting Felissa Rose, the film follows two pals (Chudabala and Hunter Johnson) who think they’re showing up for a little fiesta in the woods on Christmas Eve to party with two lovely ladies that invited them to said soiree. When they arrive, they’re greeted by Rose and Marv Blauvelt playing counselors at a bible camp…did the fellas take a wrong turn or what? Even worse, the sweater they’ve come to acquire has become possessed by now deceased serial killer Declan Rains (Sean Whalen). When the ugly tog is worn, the overwhelming urge to slay becomes a force in itself, and it sure as hell is one way to wreck an outdoor bash in the woods, that’s for sure. If the killer-sweater isn’t that colossal of an issue, this isn’t exactly your ordinary batch of partygoers, either – trust me when I tell you that there’s more surprises under these trees than you could hope to uncover.

Look, I’m not going to sugar-coat this review and yak it up as the most watchable flick to gorge on this December – it’s hokey, skewered in its travels and generally flaky as a whole, but when the movie actually prides itself upon these characteristics, you can’t exactly go wrong, now can you? The film is ripe with blood and guts, Troma-like instances that basically lead your skull into a brick wall, and comedic banter that probably would be better off left at home and not discussed by the water cooler…everyone’s so friggin’ sensitive these days! Low-budgeted camp is on the clothes hanger, and Ugly Sweater Party will send off yuletide vibes like an arts and crafts festival just puked all over your person – worth a one-time view, if anything.

Ugly Sweater Party (2018)
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