Vault of Frankenstein Interactive Retrospective Book Heading Our Way This Month

It’s no secret we’re big Frankenstein fans here at Brainwaves so we wanted to make sure you’re all aware of Vault of Frankenstein, a new book heading our way later this month that will enable you to relive the Creature’s greatest pop culture moments.

Vault of Frankenstein, from author Paul Ruditis, traces the incredible history of how the nameless abomination in Mary Shelley’s classic novel became a pop culture icon. Removable replica memorabilia—Shelley’s manuscript pages, movie posters, a playbill, and a photograph of Boris Karloff on set for his iconic 1931 portrayal of the character—add an interactive element to this amazing retrospective.

This new book commemorating the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece arrives on September 25th courtesy of publisher becker&mayer!  Pre-order your copy HERE.

Beginning with the story of how Shelley first conceived of the novel (on a stormy night on the shores of Lake Geneva), Vault of Frankenstein details the Creature’s evolution from nameless literary character to international superstar, appearing in films, TV shows, comic books, and commercial merchandise.

Frankenstein’s monster has been a hero and a villain, in both comedies and dramas. He has tap danced with Gene Wilder, held a daisy by a stream, and even appeared on cereal boxes. With special attention placed on the 1931 film that lifted Frankenstein’s monster to a new level of stardom, Vault of Frankenstein explores the many facets of this enduring—and often tragically misunderstood—character.

Fantastic replica memorabilia—enclosed in an elegantly designed envelope inside the back cover—bring the history to even more vivid life as you hold in your hands:

  • The Bride of Frankenstein movie poster
  • Pages from Mary Shelley’s original manuscript of Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus
  • Photo of Boris Karloff on the set of Universal’s Frankenstein
  • Playbill for Presumption; or The Fate of Frankenstein, the first stage adaptation of Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein movie poster

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